Payment Acceptance has been Simplified

Whether you’re looking to manage multiple retail outlets or take payments at trade shows or flea markets, we do it all with an integrated hardware/software solution.  Use your iPhone, iPad, or terminal and make transactions seamless.

We offer the ideal point-of-sale equipment & software

tailored to your business, non-profit or ministry needs



Affordable and easy to use POS equipment that fits your needs. Use your iPhone, iPad or use one of our terminals.



Support for all major point-of-sale systems.  Integrate applications for tracking inventory and monitoring activity.



Use analytics to provide frequent customers with special treats to keep them coming back.



HIPAA and PCI compliance coverage ensures the highest levels of security for your patients and your practice.

church copy


A POS system improves the ministry ability to raise funds by accepting all types of payments. 



No matter the non-profit’s industry, we have a POS  that will accept donations and sale wherever you go. 

Give your customers so many ways to pay with Clover's modern payments systems

Saltshaker Payments has formed a partnership with Clover to bring you the best point-of-sale hardware to meet your business, non-profit, or ministry needs with Go, Flex, Mini, and Station Solo systems. 


From your phone accept swipe, dip, and tap payments.


Just one wireless device to take orders and accept payments.


In this small POS take orders and accept payments at the counter.

Station Solo

A comprehensive POS system equipped with a cash drawer and receipt printer.

We are committed to providing competitive processing rates, state-of-the-art payment processing solutions, the highest level of security, and superior products