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With our Payment gateway Solutions

Our advanced payment platform makes accepting payments easier for businesses, non-profits, and ministries of all sizes. Our advanced payment platform makes accepting payments easier for businesses and ministries of all sizes

A versatile business relies on the payment gateway as its core

Our payment gateway is the engine that fuels the communication and transmission of data in the payment process. It takes the request for payment and directs it to the appropriate entity to ensure that the payment is processed in the fastest way possible. Security is paramount during this process.

Saltshaker Payments employs proven technologies to transmit data safely and our best practices safeguard your data. Giving your business a trusted partner.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal is a powerful tool that enables businesses to accept credit card and ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments securely and efficiently.

With our services, we specialize in creating customized payment pages that seamlessly blend with the client’s website or tailor them to their specific requirements.

By offering both credit card and ACH payment options, you can provide flexibility to accommodate various customer preferences and payment methods.

Our virtual terminal solutions streamline the payment process, providing convenience and peace of mind for both your businesses and your customers.




Shopping Cart

Our Shopping cart can be seamlessly integrated with numerous eCommerce gateway solutions, offering a powerful and flexible solution for businesses and non-profits seeking to establish a robust online presence.

With its intuitive user interface, extensive customization options, and seamless payment integration, it empowers merchants to deliver an exceptional shopping experience while driving sales and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our shopping cart offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and non-profits of all sizes.



Donation Pages

We specialize in creating customized donation pages that seamlessly blend with your website.

With a custom embed code, you can place Saltshaker Payments right into your website using your existing design. We “honor your domain” – meaning your donors don’t have to leave your website when giving.  

You can process all major credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks in a simple, quick, and secure (PCI-compliant) way. PCI compliance is a set of standards that were designed to protect both the consumer and the merchant in an online transaction against fraud.  

Experience the convenience of both one-time and recurring payment processing, along with the flexibility of automated payment scheduling.

Our Payment Gateway solutions Come with these Tools that will help you succeed

Fraud Prevention

Designed to safeguard your business while saving merchants valuable time and money, our suite of fraud prevention tools and chargeback management solutions offers optimal protection.

Recurring Transactions

We offer payment processing for both one-time and recurring contributions, as well as flexible automated payment scheduling, for subscriptions or regular giving.

Payments Reporting

Enhance your business's decision-making capabilities using our robust data management and analytics tool seamlessly integrated into the Dashboard, empowering your business to flourish by leveraging actionable data.

It is essential in today's ever chaning marketplace, that you give your business or non-profit organization the foundation it needs.


Already have a different system?

We can integrate with most of the eCommerce gateway solutions on the market today. So whether you are a small business, large merchant, or non-profit we can tailor a solution to your needs.

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