Payments Reporting

Our dashboard will provide you with comprehensive insights
and information on your payment processing 

We Designed a growth-oriented
payment reporting system

A comprehensive dashboard that helps understanding the entire payment process

Transaction Reports

The reporting for authorizations will encompass all relevant details such as truncated card numbers, amounts, timestamps, transaction type, and much more. Additionally, it will provide convenient filtering options, allowing users to search for specific items or filters results by transaction ID, first name, transaction type, dates, and more.  

Product Manager

The product manager allows to store items and items packages to help create efficient and consistent product centered transactions. 


The recurring tab displays a comprehensive list of clients who are subscribed to recurring payments, including detailed information. 

ACH Rejects

Any billing-related concerns are promptly presented for quick resolution, effectively preventing any disruptions in the processing system. 

We handle all of your processing needs with the added convenience of 24/7 access. You will also have our advanced payment gateway to provide a secure and reliable system.