Negative chargeback database

Allows you to be notified in cases where a cardholder who disputed you (or another merchant of ours) runs a successful authorization, which can be voided, therefore inoculating against any chargeback risk.

BIN data

Provides insight on the issuing bank, including card type, issuer, and card brand.

AVS and CVV information

Validate billing-related data specific to the cardholder to further prevent fraudulent sales.

3D secure

Provides another layer of authentication to add additional verification, which lowers the possibility of a chargeback or fraud.

IP monitoring

Can shed light on the user’s location and if it is in a high-risk area, if a VPN or proxy is used which may be an indication of fraud, or other information that can help with preventing fraudulent activity.

Insightful fraud data

Will provide information on different fraud trends. Our fraud analysis tool highlights dispute data, BIN-level authorization information, decline statistics, and more.

Additionally, our automated fraud report is sent monthly to merchants with higher ratios (or can be downloaded whenever) which shows a month-level summary of volume, refund percentages, chargeback data, BIN trends, and more.